About us

We build tools to enhance communication freedom

a non-profit organisation

with a team of 10 people

based in Paris, France

We bypass internet censorship

  • The great benefit of a peer to peer network, is that it's very hard to prevent it from spreading

We protect your privacy

  • Accounts are fully anonymous
  • All conversations are end to end encrypted, by default

We don't rely on a heavy infrastructure

  • We are fully distributed
  • To escape from major companies we are also fully decentralized
  • Anyone can host a Berty node & become a part of the Berty Network

The Berty project is fully open source

  • Everyone can access the source code of the project
  • Anyone can consult, review, submit changes or enhancements, report a bug, perform a security audit...
  • We have an open roadmap and anyone can propose a new feature
  • Wanna get involved ?   Go to contribute page
  • As a non-profit organization, we are, by essence incapable of making profit
  • We are not selling a product
  • We just build tools to improve peoples lives