Meet us at FOSDEM 2020 in Brussels!

Berty goes to FOSDEM 2020 !

This event is considered the largest European meeting of Free and Open Source Software developers. This annual conference has been held at the Free University of Brussels since 2001, usually in early February, and brings together more than 5000+ participants.

The originality of FOSDEM is that it is free to attend and works thanks to donations. This philosophy resonates with us, as Berty also works like that.

This year, a dozen of Berty members will go there to discuss open source. The team will be looking for new best practices, trends, inspirations and perhaps new contributors.

We will arrive to Brussels on Friday, January 31st and leave on Sunday, February 2nd. If you want to meet us, send us an email ( - ). We’ll be more than happy to drink a good belgian beer with you.

We hope to meet as many people as possible, learn a lot from the conferences, and be surprised! Hope to see you there!

Cheers Internet, feel free to clap & follow our stories, see you next time. 🤫

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