Current Work

In a nutshell, the main topics of this week were:

  • The app design: Alex, our UI designer, showed us the latest version of the app. It’s more simple, more direct, more intuitive and much more cool! We can’t wait to fully integrate it and have feedbacks! Well done, Alex 👏.
  • Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE): Last week, we mentioned that we worked on optimizing the reliability of Android driver + we merged some code to the master version of Yolo. Did you update our version? If not, we suggest you to do so!
  • Zero-push: We open-sourced an initial version of our push notification relay aiming for having a minimal knowledge of the devices.
  • Cryptography-export declaration: Last week, we sent the app declaration to ANSSI (National Cybersecurity Agency of France). We need to provide additional content.
  • Live testing: We started user acceptance tests. We decided to run those tests weekly.
  • Bug reporting: On our beta version we use Instabug for this, we now include more details on the application status in the reports. Feel free to use it by shaking your smartphone and press “report bug” to allow us to improve our acceptance tests to allow a better stability of the application.
  • Bug fix: Bug correction when the conversation is deleted, access conversation group infos..

Paris P2P #1

We participated in the #0 edition of Paris P2P a month ago and that was nuts 🎉! The next edition is scheduled next Wednesday (Sep 4th). We can’t wait for it!

🕓 6:30 PM - Sep 4th
📍 Ground Control (Paris, FR)
➡️ RSVP :

You can suggest a talk and join the community on Matrix or Discord.

We’re hiring!

We are still looking for the coolest React Native developer to work on Berty! We are convinced that the talent we are looking for is someone you know! We will be so grateful if you share that info, and tell your friends about this amazing opportunity!

Help us find the right person 👉

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