Current Work

V2 Berty:

We are still implementing the V2 of Berty’s app. We are currently working on the cryptography, more specifically: the account sigchain. This week, the team has completely reorganized the project’s repository. #clapclap!


As announced in our previous newsletter, we have completed the first version of the repo. However, the IPFS team is currently reviewing this initial version and is requesting changes before the repo is transferred to the IPFS organization. Please be patient, our team is on it!

  • Berty’s protocol: The Berty protocol has been defined, reviewed and corrected! 🎉
  • Be Public: This week, the Ops team has finalized its new launch strategy AND a V2 of our website is also on its way. All we are allowed to tell you is … “planet”. Shhhhhh! 🙊

Oye! Oye!

As a reminder, we are still looking for a great React Native developer to work with us! Thank you for sharing this information with others!

Help us find the right person 👉