Current Work

  • Berty V2: This week, we are still working on refactoring the application to present you with a nice V2. We integrated IPFS into Berty, as well as the handshake on the network, the crypto implementation and a bridge between “gomobile” and Berty (Whoo!).
  • Gomobile-ipfs: As announced in our previous newsletters, the first version of the repo is complete. We are therefore preparing for participation in the debate on the gomobile-ipfs architecture and start working on integrating gomobile on Berty.
  • Berty’s protocol: We worked on group crypto implem and binding with protocol api and we implement handshake on network.
  • Ops: The team worked on the email templates to send for the release of Berty. We are looking for a good CRM, if you know one, let us know by replying to this email!

React Native developer

As a reminder, we are still looking for a great React Native developer to work with us! Thank you for sharing this information with others!

Help us find the right person 👉

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