Current Work

Berty V2:

Bazel & React Native

Guilhem and Norman built and ran a React Native Android Berty app using Bazel for the first time. Woo woo! 🎉

V2 Screens

Clément (our new recruit) dived into the front part with the help of Godefroy. He is doing well and is starting to set up many of the v2 screens. Soon we will be able to show you the results.👏

OrbitDB log

Guillaume makes sure that OrbitDB suits our needs and fixes some minor bugs in the go port. Our current work is focused on group member management.


The entire team edited the roadmap based on a comparison of the front & R&D roadmaps - in order to plan a better overview of all remaining tasks.


We are still brainstorming with the Textile team and have agreed on a gomobile-IPFS architecture. 💪 We can’t wait to show you our work!


A new video is coming

We partnered with the Samouraï Coop team to produce a video aimed at raising awareness about mass surveillance. The preview is great, we look forward to sharing it with you!

Paris Open Source Summit

Paris Open Source Summit is Europe’s premier event on open source, free software and, open innovation. Pierre submitted our application to the CFP. We hope to be selected!

Blog posts

We published two new articles. Check them out:
Cryptography In Our Daily Usage: 👉
Digital Signature: 👉