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Current Work



Antoine and Guilhem implemented a basic Unix domain socket system that will be used for gomobile-ipfs shell access (the node will serve its API over UDS) and for the arbitrary peer dialing feature.

Guilhem also fixed gomobile-ipfs shell on the iOS simulator, where the absolute path was too long to use a shell over UDS, so we had to fall back on TCP. The thing is, a socket path length is limited to 108 chars and the temporary directory absolute path on the iOS simulator looks like this:


First build

This week, our front team was busy working on the first build of the app:

  • Godefroy fixed Berty’s Android and iOS build targets #whoopwhoop
  • Clément finished implementing the main screens!
  • Norman is porting the CI to buildkite. He still needs to write the Linux setup scripts

We hope to show it to you soon! 💪



In our previous newsletter, we mentioned that we were looking for people who could contribute to our audit of Berty. We really thank you for your replies 🧡.

We’ll contact the people you recommended! We’ll keep you informed.

Berty Protocol

Manfred, our founder, released the bertyprotocol.proto. You can have a look here:


New article on the blog!

This week, we published a new blog post on why smartphones are the best surveillance devices ever made. Happy reading!


FOSDEM 2020 🇧🇪

Fresh news: we will be attending the FOSDEM 2020 convention. Every year, thousands of free and open-source software developers from all over the world meet in Brussels. We’ll be happy to meet you there in February.

If you come, drop us a message so we can enjoy a local brew together. 🍻


A quick sumup about where we can meet:

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