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This week the newsletter is on Friday the 13th! Coincidence? We don’t think so. 😅

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Current Work


Berty Protocol

Manfred and the technical team worked in-depth on long-term and short-term consumption of the Berty Protocol. There are numerous edge cases and that raise many challenges, like:

  • How will the consumption of bertyprotocol API be realized for external contributors?
  • Should we support event sourcing, and where?
  • How related are the Contact, IncomingContactRequest and OutgoingContactRequest entities?
  • How to deal with OutgoingContactRequest cancellation (discard VS block VS not possible)?
  • Solo bertyprotocol package VS bertyprotocol/core + bertyprotocol/highlevel SDKs
  • Is “bertychat” a normal bertyprotocol client or will it use a privileged API?

If, by any chance, you are a big API fan: come and talk to us, we need your insights and suggestions! 🤓


Storybook is a user interface development environment and playground for UI components. The tool enables developers to create components independently and showcase components interactively in an isolated development environment.

This week, Gody, our front developer, started to separate the styles from the storybook to better manage the themes and pixel ratio. We’ll keep you informed!

Berty Secret Store

Antoine, our lead R&D, has finished setting up the Secret Store. Basically, the Secret Store is used to exchange encryption keys that will be used to decrypt messages.

For instance, if you join a messaging group which already has two people:

  • You will have to give the keys which you’ll use to encrypt your messages with the person #1 and #2.
  • You will have to get the keys from person #1 and #2 as well.

All this will be done through the Secret Store. 🤫

Proxy Stream

Guilhem finished the proxy stream on iOS but there is a little cleanup left before showing you the result.


Berty Tech Website

After giving the website a design overhaul, Alexandra continued by adding custom section thumbnails on the berty.tech website with the help of Cassius. This allows you to have nice thumbnails when you share something from the site.

Lyon P2P #1

This Wednesday, Manfred, Alex and Gody participated in Lyon P2P #1. According to them, they had a blast! 😀

It’s great to see that the FranceP2P project is now expanding to Lyon, and we hope to see more cities in the future!

Manfred showed his new talk on Cryptography Intro for Devs at Lyon P2P.

We met some great people behind Rust libp2p . They did an amazing job porting libp2p with Rust. It was great to talk to them!

You guys rock 🤘

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