News #34

Dearly beloved,

Here we are again after two weeks of unbearable waiting!

It’s been five weeks since lockdown was established in France. President Macron has announced a gradual return to normal as of May 11. We are a little more than halfway there. 💪

A quick word on the team’s morale: everyone is in a good mood. We’re all impatient to get out. We’re dying to have a beer with you! 🍻 In the meantime, we’re trying to stay focused and rushing on our MVP. It helps to speed up the clock.

Without further ado, here is our newsletter #34!

Happy reading & take care!

🗣️ Community

Over the past few weeks, we have received more messages from you than ever before. We just wanted to take a moment to thank you. It warms the mind and the heart. 🧡

Messaging Alternatives

We are launching a new side project, “Messaging alternatives”. The goal is to objectively compare every single messaging app available on the market. So, of course, it’s just the beginning, but we would love to get your help. 🙏

And yes, it’s also to answer more easily to the question what’s your difference from ?


Good First Issue & Help Wanted

If you want to help us, we have two labels on GitHub to let you know where we need help: Good First Issue & Help Wanted .

You will have our eternal gratitude and maybe some stickers if you wish. Just saying 😏

🚀 Open Source

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words 😍😍😍

If you paid attention, you spotted that berty/ is now open! 🤩

Multipeer Connectivity driver

One piece of good news from the past two weeks is…

Rémi ( D4ryl00 ) managed to establish the first communication between two devices through Multipeer Connectivity! The road to Bluetooth communication is open!

👉 If you want to take a look at the issue or even contribute (which would be highly appreciated):

You can send your encouragement/love letters to Rémi as a comment in the issue, he will be super happy for sure! 😅

📚 Blog posts

Last week we published a massive blog post about Berty’s experience with Libp2p and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE).

It’s a long article. It explains our choices, our tests, and mistakes, our successes. We hope you like this kind of post and that it was informative for your projects.

A ton of applause for Antoine and Camille who brilliantly retraced our history!

👉 Read it:

🎉 Meet the Berty Crew

For the time being and until further notice, we are canceling all our venues to physical events. 🚧🚧

  • April 8, 2020: P2P Vibes #1
  • April 23-25, 2020: PWG 2020 (Lisbon, PT 🇵🇹) - Postponed - Date TBA
  • May 6th, 2020: Paris P2P #9 (Paris, FR 🇫🇷) - probably replaced by an online event

✨ Mentions

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⚙️ Recent Changes

We have decided to add the contributors in this section of each of our newsletters. This is our way of publicly thanking them for their work. Thanks to all of them! 🙏


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