News #37

Dear internet friends :)

Welcome to this new newsletter, number… 37!

Without further delay, news from the team: Everyone is doing well in the team. Some of us are back in Paris after a few months of exile.

As announced in the previous newsletter, you have to go to the website to read the whole newsletter, if you want all the gory details!

Take care of yourselves and each other. 🧡

🚀 Open Source

  • Berty Protocol: You’ll probably have to wait until the beginning of next week for the review team to do a significant English proofread. The old version has been outdated for several months, but we haven’t had time to update it until now seriously. We also plan to do some auditing sessions. If you’re interested, get in touch with us! It will be handy for us and very beneficial for the community!

  • App testing parties: We’ve been telling you about it for a few newsletters now: We are currently developing a test version of the Berty application. We are organizing private test parties for the moment. For now, we’re adding tracing (only) on the dev version of the app to understand better what’s going on. The last one was yesterday, and it was great. We can’t wait to show it to you!

🗣️ Community

  • Good First Issue & Help Wanted If you want to help us, we have two labels on GitHub to let you know where we need help: Good First Issue & Help Wanted. You will have our eternal gratitude and maybe some stickers if you wish. Just saying 😏

  • Contributors:

Thanks to Ombé for the design of this new gif:

📚 Blog posts

Here’s the latest from the Berty blog!

  • We are frequently asked why we are a non-profit organization, so we thought it was much simpler to publish all the reasons in an article! We took advantage of talking about a few commitments. Take a look! 👉

🎉 Meet the Berty Crew

For the time being and until further notice, we are canceling all in-person events at public venues. 🚧🚧

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