News #61

Hi cool kids 🏴☠️

In this newsletter, you will find an update on the progress of our alpha version, a summary of our Builders Meeting #1, our classic report of the last weeks.

Have a pleasant reading :)

🚀 Open Source

Berty Alpha Community

Alpha is ONLY available on iOS (TestFlight) for now.
Android version is coming soon.
Join our Discord to be notified. 

And it’s been two weeks since Berty launched the alpha community version. We are delighted. Thanks for your feedback and bug reports; believe us, it helps us.

Thanks also for your support messages. You guys are great.

Regarding the android version: We are still waiting for the Android Play Store validation. It’s a bit more complicated: we have to implement different things in the application, like pops up to inform about the use of location for BLE. It’s taking a while, but everything should be fine soon.

How to download?

Join us on Discord , check out our announcement channel to get all the info to download the alpha. And if you have an Android phone, we are as impatient as we are. It’s a matter of days now.

Make sure to join our Discord to know when it’s ready—just saying. 😇

two past weeks recap

Here’s what we’ve been up to the last few weeks:

  • Fix various bugs found by beta-testers
  • Integrate p2p-circuit v2 (experimental) to see if there are any improvements
  • Investigate the abnormally slow reception of multiple messages on Berty Messenger
  • Implement Tyber network bridge on a mobile app
  • Implement iOS<->Android BLE driver
  • Improve logging and reducing verbosity on the different variants of Berty (daemon, bot, etc…)
  • Integrate gomobile-ipfs in Berty

🗣️ Community

Berty Builders Meetings

We held our second Builders Meeting on Wednesday, June 23. We presented Berty in its alpha version and the challenges to achieving this release and the future steps. Thanks to all who participated, thanks for your interventions.

If you want to know about the following dates, we invite you to follow Berty on MeetUp ( )


You can help us by translating the Berty app + website. Berty Team and the community will much appreciate it!


Think your language won’t have much of an impact? Berty wants to be accessible to everyone, including those who are marginalized from mainstream media. Please help us reach them!

Good First Issue & Help Wanted

If you want to contribute, we have two labels on GitHub to let you know where we need you: Good First Issue & Help Wanted . You will have our eternal gratitude and maybe some stickers. Just saying 😏


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🎉 Meet the Berty Crew

We are canceling all in-person events at public venues until further notice – but we’re coming soon to a screen near you! 🚧🚧

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