News 72

The Berty team has been busy with changes and improvements to the Berty Messenger. The protocol behind the Berty Messenger has been separated to a stand-alone protocol called the Wesh Network , and has been updated. While looking for new partnerships for Wesh Network, the team recevied a grant and build Gno Native Kit framework for building decentralized apps on mobile and desktop.

Welcome back!!

Hi community, long time not spoken. I’ll update you on what has happened since the last time.

Who am I and why did the newsletters stop?

Let me start with explaining who I am. I am Luke, better known as LFGaming. I have been helping the Berty team around since about the first of February 2021. I’ll be taking on the job of writing the upcoming newsletters and will do my best to post them on a regular basis.

Why did the newsletters stop?

The team got it very busy with other things, and newsletters where not a priority so they slowed down and then stopped. Let’s take a look at that!

Before we go into what’s new

Since the last newsletter some people have left and some have joined the Berty team. Some of the members who left have worked for or with Berty for years and are now ready for a new part of their life. We wish you all the best!!

And we can’t forget who has joined the team of course, strengthening the team, bringing new ideas and skills to the table. I hope you have a good time and can be there when when the Wesh protocol is fully developed to be used in applications around the world!

What’s changed

Wesh Network

The protocol behind the Berty Messenger has been separated to a stand alone protocol called: The Wesh Network 🕸. Take a look at the Wesh Network website or read through the vision of Wesh Network. This is done so everyone can use this protocol for their own projects when they want to. Which means that in the future we might be able to see new apps and programs with a save protocol.

This means the code of Berty messenger and Berty Protocol into two separate repos: and . - Some code found in the Wesh network repo is still specific to Berty Messenger, such as the management of push notifications. In order to package the protocol, the team is working on completely isolating the messenger application from the protocol.

To go into specific details on how Wesh Network works and how it can be used, check the blog section of the website.

Berty Messenger

While the newsletters where gone, the team has not sit still. They have been busy changing code, fixing bugs and making overall improvements to the Berty Messenger. A lot of refactoring and bug fixing happened under the hood. The app is now more robust but still not stable enough; we are not giving up though

The main website of Berty has gotten a little update. Go and check it out: . If you find any bugs, suggestions or want to see changes, you are welcome to fix it yourself or leave a issue at the issues page .

GNO & Berty

What is Gno and is a platform that allows developers to write smart contracts and other blockchain apps in Gnolang (Gno), an interpreted version of Golang (Go). This enables web2 developers to easily contribute to web3 and build a more transparent, accountable world.

Gnolang funding

Gnolang has a Funding and Grants Program , where they look for passionate contributors who are interested in building new projects, dApps, tooling, infrastructure, or smart contract libraries in .

And Berty got a grant from them for bringing GNO to mobile!

Gno Native Kit

The team just released the 1st version of Gno Native Kit, a framework that makes it easier for developers to build applications on mobile and desktop devices. You can find the repository here: Github . The entire journey of building the framework is documented here and it includes as well as video demos and explanations*.* Oh, and in case you get confused, know that in the beginning the framework was named “GnoMobile” but it was later decided to switch to Gno Native Kit as it was a better fit. I encourage you to build it locally and give it a try!

Old but important news

🎬 Building Web3

If you are new to Berty, Protocol Labs contacted Berty to shoot a documentary about the project as part of a series on Web3 builders. The team is super honoured and the result is very cool. If you want to learn what the team does at Berty (and see who are behind this project) then definitely go and watch. A huge THANK to Protocol Labs for everything. 💙

What’s next?

A few things:

  1. The team would love to talk to builders that would be interested in building Gno dapps for desktop or mobile. So if you are or know one, don’t hesitate to reach out.
  2. Work on stabilising Berty Messenger will continue as there are still some nasty bugs.
  3. Something else is cooking with the friends and partners from Gno, but more on this in the next newsletter