News 73

What’s been happening lately?

The Berty team is in a 6 month project with the Gno team. Because of this most of the team is working on Gno projects at the moment. But don’t think they forgot about Berty or Wesh. They have dedicated Friday afternoon to “Work on Berty” time. This means that every Friday afternoon they work on either the Berty app or the Wesh protocol. So lets look at everything!


So, the team is on a 6 month project with Gno, but what are they doing exactly? That’s a good question! As we have talked about in the previous newsletter the Berty team has made the Gno Native Kit, and now they are working on dSocial a decentralised social media platform similar to X (previously Twitter). Lets talk a bit about dSocial!


dSocial is a experimental piece of software, to show how you could use and what you can do with it. It is not intended as a fully bug free social media for daily use. but more of a Proof of Concept app. It will take some time to make dSocial fully working since it is quite hard to make a a social media on a decentralized system, but the good news is that censoring it will be impossible because no one organisation or person hosts the servers, the posts or anything. Having said all that, the team hopes to be finished in May with this project.

The team still wants to add the basic social media features like: Posts, Notifications, Mentions, etc. dSocial will be a mobile app which will be made using the Gno Native Kit but next to the mobile app, there will also be a minimal desktop app and read-only web version.

You can already try a early version yourself if you follow the instructions in the Readme here: dSocial Github Repository . Or read the latest news and newest updates on how the project is going here: dSocial hackerspace .

Next to all this, the team also is looking into integrating Wesh into Gno. But on this there is not much progress.

App Progress

The latest version of Berty Messenger has been released on March 22nd on both App Store and Google Play. The most notable changes are some bug fixes on Notifications. Give it a try.

Then in some other news, the team is looking into doing a security audit for Wesh, more information on this later.