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Privacy is at the heart of our project. Therefore, we consider it important, even necessary, that you are able to maintain this anonymity in a secure manner when you wish to contact us for any reason.

Contact us by email

The fastest way to contact us is to write us an email. However, note that all the email addresses go through Gsuite – we consider our email exchanges non-confidential by default.

If you wish to enhance email security, use PGP/GPG encryption technology:

PGP/GPG Key 0xAB1185CC
Fingerprint DF99 CBFC E596 9160 243E C223 0738 5B26 AB11 85CC

If you want to skip Gsuite, you can use our collective protonmail inbox (slower response time).

PGP/GPG Key 0x41FF3862
Fingerprint 41FF 3862 1CA0 E86B 3805 D145 8172 3970 E7A5 2E4D

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