What a crazy week!

That’s the gist of it, really. We received a lot of exposure following two posts in particular - one in HackerNews and one on Reddit Opensource . As we noted in our newsletter , many of you joined us following these articles.

It’s not just these mentions amplifying this momentum – it’s the curiosity and passion of the people who saw them, or who’re already signed on. People like you, dare we say.

Here’s some data:

  • Newsletter subscriptions are up almost +200%. You are now several thousand people to follow our adventures. ⚔️
  • We saw our website’s normal monthly traffic exceeded in just 3 days.
  • It’s raining stars: from 700 to more than 3.5k GitHub stars at the time of writing. ⭐️
  • The community on Discord has over 400 members.

Instant outreach

As you can imagine, this has had a real impact on us and the community! Let’s see in detail what this translates to.


Our GitHub berty/berty repo has been promoted to #1 trending in GitHub/Go and reached global Top 5. GG to you! 🖐

Interview requests

We have received several requests for interviews. One of them has already been published. Console delivers a weekly showcase of emerging open source projects, curated by an Amazon software engineer.

👉 Read the Berty interview in Console: https://console.substack.com/p/console-38

We’ll keep you informed of future releases. (We’ll probably announce them on Twitter, too, so don’t hesitate to follow us @berty)


There are now more than 50 contributors translating the Berty application and website word-for-word. This work is critical for Berty to cross borders. Language is a huge barrier to adoption. You guys are terrific. 🗯

Please take some time to translate a few strings. It’s fast and super simple.


Berty Community

As noted, we’re 400+ on Discord. We’re seeing great discussions on the General forum, and getting some good questions via private message. We are responding to each of you. Please be kind and patient. 💛

Quick usage note:

We do not use Discord for support purposes. We use Discord as an easy and direct connection with our community. Our official support links are:

Twitter ( https://twitter.com/berty )

PGP/ProtonMail ( https://berty.tech/contact )

Support page: https://berty.tech/support

Forum ( https://berty.community/ ) - Not yet launched; it’s coming!


We have received messages from our sponsors to congratulate us. It doesn’t seem like much, but as we are an NGO and rely on donations, trust is essential.

Until now, we’ve been funded solely by important donations from private and public sponsors like IPFS/Protocol Labs. We’re currently working on a campaign to integrate our sponsorship and donation system, and we want to do it well.

In the meantime, you can donate here and support the project: https://github.com/sponsors/berty

We hope it goes without saying that you’ll get a shoutout for doing so!


A huge THANK YOU. 😊 This unprecedented support has been an important reminder to us about how much this project is needed. We sixth-sensed that a turning point was coming in terms of messaging apps and privacy, but we don’t think it was already upon us. No worries, though – we’re hurrying.

For skeptics (and the idly curious): You can track our progress (and contribute to it) anytime – our code is open source. We’re an NGO deeply committed to transparency, and our mission + the quality of the work we do in its service.

You are now the ambassadors of Berty. Take care of this little colorful parrot.

We’ll keep you informed of what’s next, folks!

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