Art For Privacy

As an NGO, we feel invested of a mission. We strongly believe that there can be no change without education and awareness. We promote a free world without surveillance and censorship. So how do we do it? How do we make an impact on the causes we fight for? How can we alert on the current situation?

We were looking for a low-cost communication (NGO power!), accessible, collaborative and free for interpretation campaign. So, we opt for a slightly different communication channel. Something that belongs to everyone: our streets. For us at Berty, streets are metaphors. They are both a public place and a place of free expression. A bit like a free and limitless museum.

So, we are delighted to present ART4PRIVACY.

The Art4Privacy Project

As we are not street artists, we have decided to open contributions to artists sensitive to this cause, and to create a series of works intended for the general public.

This series entitled #Art4Privacy was to correspond to Berty’s values of accessibility and free for all. It therefore takes the form of works in the street, and video formats that are then relayed on the networks.

We think that Berty has much better things to do than making soulless advertisements: letting real artists speak, rather than advertisers, is much more in line with our state of mind.

To relay this series effectively, we chose the hashtag #Art4Privacy, on which all artists defending these same values are welcome to join the community.

The first serie, please give a big round of applause to Djalouz!

Art4Privacy #1 : “The girl being spied on.” by Djalouz (Paris, France)

Who is Djalouz ?

Djalouz, Paris, France: Visual artist, illustrator and graffiti artist, Djalouz was born in 1985. Parallel to obtaining his diploma as a model draftsman, he started graffiti in 2003, inspired by the young rising scene of French and European graffiti (Marko 93, Dran, Daim, MTO, etc.) but also by the world of comics (Enki Bilal, Frank Miller).

At ease on various media, we find his works on canvas as well as on Parisian walls, wastelands and abandoned factories where nature has taken back its rights. He practices the art of lettering with 3D graffiti as well as figurative drawing.

Recently, in his series of drawings “Je d’enfant, dessine moi en mouton”, he sketches the evils of the world through a childish look. Beneath the apparent simplicity of the line there are actually multiple references that question the world around us and the often brutal current events: war, migration flows, pollution, ecology, surveillance…

Support us!

There are many ways to help us:

  • You can share the video
  • You are a street artist and you are interested in this type of project? Let’s get in touch!
  • Talk about Berty around you

In short, all actions are good. 🧡

Share your opinion on this first serie below!

Discover Djalouz Works:

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