Group conversations

Chat with all your closest friends

Anonymous account

You don't have to provide any personal info

No sim card required

Berty never asks for your phone number

Offline messaging

With Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)

Safety by default

Secure chats with end-to-end encryption


Continue the conversation on your computer

Secure communications

  • End-to-end encryption
    by default on every conversation
  • A fully distributed network

100% anonymous account

  • No name required
  • No email required
  • No phone number required

Use Berty on all your devices

  • On your iPhone or your iPad
  • On your Android phone
  • On your macOS computer
  • On your Windows computer
  • On your Linux computer

Share your details easily

  • Show your QR code
  • Copy your public key
  • Send an invite link
  • Share all of the above
  • Access your details at any time