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With a strong encryption protocol (E2EE), communicating with Berty is as anonymous as possible (no email or phone number required, with a minimum of metadata). The application is designed to work even without the internet and without a SIM card, through a distributed network. Berty is an anti-surveillance communication tool and is very difficult to censor.

We have compiled this table of comparison of Berty to various other messengers. If you have information that could help update this table, feel free to edit it!

Feature Berty Telegram Whatsapp Signal Threema iMessage Firechat Facebook Jami Matrix Olvid Skred Skuttlebut WeChat
Open Source partially
No runtime fee
No purchase fee partially
Decentralized - - partially -
No phone number required
Anonymous use possible
end-to-end encryption partially partially partially
Offline messaging
Multi-device messaging partially partially partially
Open Spec
AOSP (Android Open Source Project)
Privacy respecting terms of use
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A network is called decentralized when it doesn’t depend on a single entity, and thus does not pass through a central server where all of the resources are stored. A decentralized system gives the possibility to third parties to set up a server for a service and to transmit its data.

A distributed network does not rely on any server. It’s a P2P system. Peers who communicate with each other and exchange data over the network.

To learn more on the topic you can read the dedicated blogpost: Centralized vs Decentralized vs Distributed Systems.

There are different models for establishing a connection between two programs.

One is called a “client”, and the other is a “server”. In general, the “client” program makes a request and the “server” responds to this request. It is an “asymmetrical” architecture which passes through a central server.

Berty uses a symmetrical model called peer-to-peer (P2P), in which it is the responsibility of both programs to play the roles of both the client and the server. Giving each program both roles allows an anonymous exchange between them, without personal information passing through a server.

IPFS is a protocol + peer-to-peer network developed by Protocol Labs. The mission of this software is to democratize the distributed internet. The principle of IPFS is to set up a shared hard drive, while also ensuring immutability. It is more resilient and can also work without the internet.

Berty’s protocol is based on IPFS.

On Berty, all of your exchanges (messages & files) are encrypted from start to finish by default. In other words, nobody except you and the one you communicate with can read or intercept these exchanges.

Berty uses a distributed peer-to-peer system.

A centralized model cannot work without a server. It belongs to and depends on an entity that controls all the information that passes through it. What happens if this identity is malicious? Or if it is threatened by a third party or simply hacked? Our personal data cannot be truly protected if it is dependent on a single identity. If a government decides to isolate a country and cut off the internet, the centralized system becomes non-functional. To avoid all this, for Berty we have chosen a free network which does not depend on any entity or government.

The Berty application is not available yet. However, we will open our preview version soon. If you are interested in testing our Beta “yolo”, send your request using the following form: https://crpt.fyi/berty-preview Your feedback will help us greatly in our development process.

Berty messenger and protocol are intended for anyone concerned about their freedom (and for those who are unaware that their freedom is under threat!).

In our world, anyone could have their data collected and their communications intercepted. This is the sad consequence of pervasive mass surveillance across the globe.

Certain groups of people are at higher risk because of their activity: journalists, military personnel, government officials, activists, corporate members, lawyers, whistleblowers. Berty was designed with them in mind.

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