Berty will be at the Nantes P2P!

As the readers of our newsletter and this blog, you are aware that we are co-organizers of the FranceP2P movement and, more precisely, of the Parisian branch ParisP2P . These events are intended to gather all the things around peer-to-peer, including cryptography communities in various events (monthly meetings and festivals).

These events are decentralized (forked in different cities) and operate locally. There is already a branch in Lyon, and here is the new one now: Nantes.

Our friends from CleverCloud are currently bootstrapping this events. We are more than happy to support them opening this new chapter, Nantes P2P. So we have decided to go there for the zero edition. You will be able to meet Manfred, our founder, Antoine (our R&D lead), Guillaume (who works on the Berty Protocol part) and Pierre (our operations manager). Pierre has been based in Nantes for a year and a half now, full-time remote working. This is an opportunity for him to get closer to the Nantes peer-to-peer communities.

And for us, it’s an opportunity to connect with “friendly companies” such as CleverCloud and Owkin .

To sum it up, we can’t wait!

Yes, yes, you guys are waiting for the information:

We hope to see you there if you are from Nantes! If you are not from Nantes, you can retweet this message to your friends or tell your friends, it will help us a lot to make the event known.

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We wish a lot of success to this chapter!