After our participation at IPFS Camp , we were eager to continue the experience and meet people who talk about peer-to-peer and cryptography.

👉Read our blog post on Berty team at IPFS Camp, June 2019 .

By doing a little research on meetup.com , we realized that only meetups around the blockchain were offered, both on its technical and economical peculiarities. On the other hand, we didn’t find any meetups around P2P, cryptography and privacy.

Being avid followers of peer-to-peer technology, we decided, with the collaboration of the Samourai Coop team and Gorhgorh, to set up monthly meetings around P2P.

Giving the opportunity to make beautiful meetings between enthusiasts and to exchange around subjects that deserve to be developed, allowing the knowledge sharing, in the framework of a non-profit, decentralized and open organization:

  • decentralization
  • networks and autonomous communities
  • distributed and decentralized systems
  • offline-first applications
  • networking
  • privacy
  • anti-surveillance
  • anti-censorship
  • security
  • cryptography
  • blockchains

Set up Paris P2P

Based in Paris, it was obvious for us and simpler to start organizing our first meetings in the capital. Paris P2P #0 took place on August 7, 2019 at Ground Control , a huge cultural living space that allowed the community to come together.

A surprising number of people attended this very first meetup and we were delighted because we didn’t expect such a large audience. Around a cold beer, we talked about free internet, web3, and IPFS.🍻

👉 Talk Sildes : History of P2P

This first event was a success, which reinforced our idea of scheduling monthly meetings.

As a result, Paris P2P takes place every first Wednesday of the month in this format:

  • 6:30-7:00 p.m.: Doors open
  • 7:00 to 7:30: Talks
  • 7:30-8:00 p.m.: P2P - Person-to-person (10 minutes, 5 meetings)
  • 20h-23h: FFA (discuss with whoever you want, do workshops if you want, just enjoy the moment and the drink, …)

Everyone can propose topics for discussion, and present their projects to the community.

👉 Call for proposals

Set up France P2P 🇲🇫

We have seen a strong increase in participants at these monthly afterworks. However, it was important for us to offer the opportunity to the non-Parisian community to participate as well. So we decided to set up FRANCE P2P in order to bring these meetings to other French cities.

We decided to start in Lyon, which seized the chance to gather its P2P community. LYON P2P #1 was been scheduled for December 11, 2019.

On this occasion, we met some great people behind Rust libp2p . They did an amazing job porting libp2p with Rust.

It’s great to see that the FranceP2P project is now expanding to Lyon, and we’ve left the lead to some community members in Lyon to organize the next events, stressing the importance of regular meetings. Proposing a regular gathering (on a monthly basis, for example) allows this community to develop.

Soon NANTES P2P will see the light of day and we hope to see this project spread to other cities in the future! And very soon all over the world, with the help of the community. 😉


With the help of Osmose Collective , PhilH, Louise, and Gorhgorh, Paris P2P Festival opened its doors for 5 days, from 8 to 12 January 2020 in Paris.

A gathering of peer-to-peer enthusiasts, among others, followed by curious and cheerful people allowed this festival to convey intense moments of sharing, learning and chance encounters. Speakers from all over the world participated in this event. This allowed us to meet people from the legal, political and technical world who came to discuss their projects.

We had the chance to talk with journalists and activists who want to use Berty to protect their communication. It was interesting and rewarding to realize that Berty can be used by so many different people.

👉 All the talks of the Paris P2P festival

👉 Blog post: https://berty.tech/blog/berty-at-p2p-festival/

Recap of P2P sessions

Happy to see the growing evolution of the P2P community and the strong cohesion between each of its members, we are pleased to report a more than positive balance sheet. Paris P2P and its related events have allowed us to acquire a certain visibility and credit in the community.

These events gave us the opportunity to meet people around a good cold beer and to exchange more with enthusiasts. We all profited from feedback as they shared their projects with us and we introduced them to Berty. In other words, we can say that we made new friends! They regularly think about us and talk about us spontaneously when doing an Intro to Berty.
We also found new contributors and we thank them for their trust.

During PP2P, we meet, exchange and have fun. It is, above all, a moment of sharing. What happiness is, in sum! 😊

Paris P2P in the Future?

This first year was very exciting, and we look forward to continuing to grow this community with events open to all in the coming months and years.

We are committed to organizing one event per year, always free, and to gather the whole community on the next Paris P2P Festival!

As the current context does not allow us to organize physical events, we are organizing online events, with streaming conferences. Some of them will be in French, and others in English! Don’t hesitate to join us, and to get involved by proposing conference topics!

In short, the adventure has only just begun! Come and join us! Fork us!

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