10 reasons to use Berty Messenger:

1. Dictators hate us. 🏛

No server, no leaks. This is the radical view of the Berty Technologies team.

In a nutshell, the principle is quite simple:

Berty itself hosts no data. There are no servers to host them on! Users are both “users” and “relays” of the network.

2. The world needs privacy. Now. ⚠️

Privacy has become the currency we trade for many of the Internet services we rely on. Berty frees you from this debt in your text communications. This freedom is essential to protect activists, journalists, yourself, and those you care about.

3. Offline-first 📴

Are all the networks down? Berty doesn’t care. Berty’s independent.

Berty is a messaging app, a protocol, and a stand-alone network.

Is your city in the middle of a demonstration, and the government is shutting down the network? Berty will provide continuous, anonymous, and secure communication for everyone.

4. Bluetooth is the future. 🔵

BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) is a technology of the future, making it possible to rethink the concept of modern networks completely. It means reshuffling the maps of information systems to allow the creation of autonomous networks, independent of Internet service providers, government checkpoints, and other institutions that control our electronic communication.

5. No personal information downpayment 🙇

You don’t need a sim card, email, or phone number.

You don’t need anything but a mobile device, and it’s accessible for everyone, everywhere.

6. Activism integrated into each message you send 💬

Take part in the inception of a new world, without changing how you message.

Your mobile is a powerful machine, and Berty allows you to use it to help protect the communications of millions of people around the world.

Simply by sending a message using Berty, you are challenging the privacy economy and the companies and governments that exploit it.

7. Based on IPFS 📚

IPFS, or Interplanetary file system, is a technology for sharing files and data across a decentralized network, making its content untraceable.

IPFS is one of the most exciting networking projects from the last decade, and it allows us to imagine other uses of the Internet of tomorrow.

8. Transparent to the core. 👓

Berty’s philosophy, evolution, and source code are available to everyone online for free.

Berty champions the Open Source state of mind, in its vision, product, process, and team.

Everyone can contribute to Berty with their skillset (design, development, translation, various ideas…).

9. NGO ≠ startup 💚

Totally free, for life. No business model. No data to sell. Nothing is hidden under the hood.

If a startup offers you a prosperous, secure and anonymous messaging service tomorrow, it will have investors expecting a payout next month, no matter how dedicated its founders are to privacy.

On the other hand, an NGO is based on a simple principle: it defends a non-profit object and acts for a cause.

10. Berty can live forever. ♾️

In cryptography, nothing is unbreakable.

However, if tomorrow the NSA, the FBI, and all the bad guys from the movies unite to monitor Berty’s network communications, the level of cryptography is such that it would take too much time and energy, for two reasons:

  • As the network is entirely distributed, it is not “managed” by anyone, not even the Berty Technologies NGO.
  • If the NGO closes, the system doesn’t care, and communications continues.

Berty Technologies slogan sums up our philosophy pretty well: “Dictators hate us." 🤘