Nodle grants Berty $1 million to advance its privacy-first communication protocol


  • Today, we’re excited to announce that we will get a donation worth $1 million, led by, to push forward the Berty Protocol.

Yes, you read the headline correctly: We’re going to get a million dollar in NodleCash ($NODL) to advance on the Berty protocol. 🚀

All of this is possible because of the people at Nodle. They believe in our mission and the tools we are developing - so much so that joins our NGO donators list with a $1million grant to push forward Berty Protocol. It’s a big step forward for Berty as it will protect the future of our NGO.

Who is Nodle?

Maybe, you don’t know who is Nodle. As advertised on their website, Nodle claims to be the world’s largest connected device ecosystem, providing infrastructure, software, and IoT data (IoT) access. Nodle is a connectivity provider for the IoT. The company has built a robust Bluetooth Low Energy-powered network to help companies and cities connect and collect data from their devices, sensors, and tags.

As you can read, we share a great passion for the BLE. 😉

Micha (Nodle’s CEO) also founded Firechat. The app was a radio mesh-based messaging to allow a smartphone to establish connectivity without internet access via the cellular network, using Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or Apple’s multi-peer interface. It is, therefore, natural that we exchanged with them at that time.

$1M in $NODL for Berty!

Before diving into the detail, and as a reminder, our NGO Berty Technologies has a fairly straightforward approach to donations:

  • donations in fiat currency (€ & $) secure our present
  • donations in crypto secure our future.

Hence, our crypto donation strategy is Hodl & Build the future. Each crypto donation will act as a buffer fund to secure the long-term future of the organization.

Please note that all donations received in crypto-currencies are locked in for a minimum period of 2 years. Thus, crypto-currency projects that wish to support us know that the NGO will never “dump” their tokens and only use them from a long-term perspective.

We will write a dedicated blog post on Donation at Berty soon.

So, this donation is no exception.

  • These funds are frozen for a minimum of 2 years.
  • These funds will be used to finance Berty’s future.

The donation will be received in NodleCash ($NODL). The funds are expected to arrive gradually by Q4 of this year. Please note that $NODL is not listed on major CEX (yet!), and therefore its valuation is not assured.

A big thank you Nodle

Raising money as an NGO is no small feat & quite frankly. We’ve been working hard behind the scenes to secure Berty’s future. We are more than thrilled to have been supported by technology giants like IPFS. This is a big step forward for Berty, the team, and the whole ecosystem.

Nodle does not ask us for anything in return for this donation. No patent, no extra work, to keep on publishing our work in an open-source manner. So, we sincerely would like to thank Nodle for its commitment to us with this donation.

What’s Next for Berty?

So what is going to change? The answer is pretty straightforward: nothing. We will still be an independent/free/agnostic/autonomous project since day 0, building a secure & decentralized instant messaging app. And we will always be.

  • Same roadmap.
  • Same vision.
  • Same philosophy.
  • Same mission.

So, of course, it will change few details. We’re getting more and more trustworthy as the donations come in. As a tech-NGO (a very abstract concept for most people), we are proud to believe so passionately in this project and feel supported is just pure gold.

There will be Several Open Jobs at Berty

Our team is growing & we’d love for you to consider joining us on our mission of empowering freedom. Here’s a little peek at some of our openings:

Check out the other openings & apply today!

A Big Thank You 🙏

We couldn’t have done it without our community! From inspiring us daily to helping drive our product roadmap & sticking with us to help bring Berty to life — whew, we get teary just thinking about it.

Thank you for being a part of our journey — stay with us; it’s just heating up. 🔥