About the project

Berty is a highly encrypted, distributed messenger being developed by people who want to take privacy and security to the next level.
It uses cryptography, P2P, and low-level drivers to achieve having privacy, resilience, and simplicity.
If you're a like-minded individual and find those challenges interesting, you're welcome to get in touch for a potential collaboration.


  • Participating in all development phases until delivery and production;
  • Leading some R&D topics about P2P/Blockchain/DHT/Bittorrent/IPFS;
  • Participating in writing guidelines and making sure the team is following them;
  • Choosing the most appropriate pieces of technology regarding the needs of the product;
  • Writing tests and technical documentations;
  • Participating in general brainstorms, providing suggestions, including in strategy and internal processes.

Working at Berty

  • A small team of 10 young & passionate people
  • Full time position
  • Competitive salary
  • Hardware of your choice (Last generation MacBook Pro...)
  • Offices based in Paris, FRANCE
  • Regular events