Paris P2P

The first P2P Paris meet-up took place on last Wednesday 🎉

A surprising number of people attended the event, we were delighted since we were not expecting an audience this large. Thank you for your presence!

This event provided the opportunity to meet new people and have constructive discussions on subjects that we are passionate about.

However, for our very first meetup, we identified some areas for improvement for the next ones. Especially when it comes to sound to make the talks more audible.

Don’t hesitate to suggest a talk and join us on Matrix or Discord.

Work in progress

Many of us have gone on vacation. On the other hand, for the team members who are still under the Parisian heat, we have not been idle! They were involved in the following topics:

  • The first Paris P2P event
  • Initial Ops roadmap
  • A new push notification system
  • An issue with the concurrency access of maps on go-ipfs-log
  • Polishing Go Orbit DB for its upcoming open-source release
  • A blogpost containing our feedback on the IPFS Camp we attended last month
  • Still working on optimizing reliability of the Android BLE driver

We’re hiring!

We are still looking for the coolest React Native developer to work on Berty! Help us find the right person 👉

> More info on our staff Team Weekly Sync!