This week is quite special: we did a full team training on Monday and Friday is a day off in France. This is why you received this newsletter today and why it is a little shorter than the previous ones.

Oh by the way, Happy Halloween, guys! 🎃

Current Work

Bazel x IPFS:

As we are building a decentralized/distributed software, we don’t want to rely on centralized dependency management (e.g. if GitHub is down, most of the time we won’t be able to build our app). That’s why we’re trying to fetch bazel dependencies from IPFS. Norman started an open-source repo. You can have a look here:



As mentioned last week, Guillaume is working on OrbitDB. This week, he finished the access controller, which can be used on an OrbitDB Store and started implementing an OrbitDB Store for group members.

Berty Protocol.Mock

Manfred added bertyprotocol.Mock, a fully in-memory bertyprotocol mock, and started mocking the contact management domain.


Clement finished the Setting views for the V2.


Antoine & Guilhem worked on gomobile-ipfs proposal implementation


New Editorial Calendar

We have decided to launch a new process dedicated to publishing content (blog posts, tweets, etc.) based on a blogpost from Trello . We now have a quick and clear overview of our pending blog posts!


Alex started a new repo with all our assets (logos, animations)

Weekly Sync

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