Berty News #32

Dear friends of the world,

We’re back!

As you can imagine, we were pretty busy setting up a Corona-Proof new organization. We are all safe and full of hopes for the future. Stay safe and take care of yourself and your loved ones! 🧡

This newsletter will be more about explaining what’s going on at Berty right now.

As you know, we are an NGO and we depend exclusively on donations. This means that we are not shielded from the current situation. We received heartwarming messages, thank you for caring. It means a lot to us. 🙏

We are backed for the few next months. Nevertheless, we hope that our grant applications will be renewed once again. We know that the upcoming year will be very difficult for most people and companies. So, our plan is to increase the number of grant applications as well as to involve collaborative funding. Soon, we will put a donation page on the site and submit several Request For Proposal (RFP). Our priorities are to take care of the team and then to make the Berty project keep going. Our ultime goal is to transfer the ownership of the project to the community to make it immortal. It’s our commitment from day one! Finally, this pandemic will force us to deliver faster :)

This being said… Happy Reading! 😷

🚀 All Berty repositories will be opened!

Good news! In the coming days, we will open all of our Git repos. You will be able to access to all of our work, our finished projects and the one still in progress.

Our goal is:

  1. to improve Berty Chat and the Berty protocol .
  2. to expand the community
  3. to get grants accordingly, and go to step 1.

We’ll make a blogpost to explain in detail how it’s going to happen. We are really excited about it!

🗣️ The Berty Community

More than ever, we are committed to grow our community. In the next few days, as Berty’s original idea is to connect the free world(s), we’re going to do a set of actions. We can’t tell you more yet until we know for sure. Among other things, we’re thinking about having ambassadors for each country and open task lists on which you can contribute. The goal is to help make Berty known as much as possible. What do you recommend? Do you have any insights?

But first of all, thank you for reading this newsletter. It doesn’t sound like anything, but we know you read it and that you’re following our journey. It’s amazing. It really is.

We invite you to join our discord. Everything will happen there. It’s a good way to centralize all our activities.

👉 Join Berty’s discord:

📚 Blogposts

Since we joined the Work From Home (forced) trend, we plan to publish more on our blog, and to keep you updated on Berty.



We take this opportunity to make a call: we would like to start publishing collaborative articles made with you, if you want to share to the world how Berty can help you. Just reply to this email, or contact us using another way . Come on, don’t be shy!

A little spoiler: Zooma recently went to Santiago de Chile and surprised us by writing a spontaneous blogpost.

In short, anything we can to get close to you.

🛸 New short-term roadmap

We made small changes on our short-term priorities and are now focused in the next weeks:

  • To open-source our big main repo;
  • To ship a MVP version on iOS of the Berty Chat app ;
  • To ship a first usable version of the Berty Protocol as a Golang SDK;
  • To open a new Golang libp2p MPConnectivity Transport to allow recent iOS and macOS to communicate ultra fastly, without internet access;
  • To bring the Berty Community to the next level!

🤝 Meet the Berty Crew

For the time being and until further notice, we are cancelling all our venues to physical events. 🚧🚧

  • April 1, 2020: Paris P2P #8 (Paris, FR 🇫🇷) - replaced by an online event
  • April 23-25, 2020: PWG 2020 (Lisbon, PT 🇵🇹)

Weekly Syncs

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