News #46

Ahoy Bertizen! 🏴‍☠️

How’s it going?

At Berty’s, everyone is doing well. Even if the temperature fell these last days ☁️, we are very motivated because we advance more and more on our Beta. Wanna more details? Read below! Let’s go for the newsletter #46!

Take care of yourself and others 🧡


🚀 Open Source

We have been working on a lot of different topics over the last two weeks:

  • Integrate replication servers in the mobile app
  • Nearly finished the orbitdb replay system, to reconstruct the sqlite projection in the mobile app
  • Switch to GitHub Actions to build the mobile apps and move the signing step into yolo as an async task
  • Adding Darwin support on libp2p tor transport
  • Fix UI/UX/Stability fixes and improve the app based on the beta testers' feedback (thanks to them 🙏)
  • Refactor go/pkg/bertymessenger to improve maintainability
  • Configure backup servers and improve infrastructure monitoring
  • Setup xcode-gen on the mobile apps
  • Improve the betabot to allow automated onboarding of new beta testers
  • Make the bertybridge (mobile native <-> Go) using initutil to initialize ipfs/libp2p like everything else in the project
  • Wrote a documentation for self-service onboarding on the beta

🗣️ Community

  • Good First Issue & Help Wanted: If you want to help us, we have two labels on GitHub to let you know where we need help: Good First Issue & Help Wanted. You will have our eternal gratitude and maybe some stickers if you wish. Just saying 😏

  • Contributions:

🎉 Meet the Berty Crew

Until further notice, we are canceling all in-person events at public venues – but we’re coming soon to a screen near you! 🚧🚧

⚙️ Recent Changes